Yeshua Wants To Tell You Something More

Written and translated by Antoinette Bremond (France)

Perhaps He has already

told you something,

but you didn't hear.


Perhaps He has already

told it to you,

but you didn't recognize His voice.

Therefore, He wants to say it again

this morning.


Because of your age

you know how to recognize His voice.

But you forget to listen to Him;

to listen to Him;

to listen only to Him.


Sometimes He doesn't speak.

And you don't understand that.

Even when He doesn't speak,

it's because He wants to tell you something.


Speak to Him;

He listens always when you speak.


I didn't understand

when you said something to me.

Why didn't I understand

when you told me something?


You know I have learned;

but perhaps I didn't learn sufficiently

to recognize your voice.


Yeshua has still something to say to you,

Listen to Him.



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