Juan Onasiss

Born 1940 in Uruguay

Juan immigrated to Israel in 1969

At the age of 12 he came to believe by reading the Sermon on the Mount - in a Bible someone had forgotten in a church. He felt God's presence and work in his heart and it has remained so to this day.

From an early age he learned to play the piano and organ. At the age of 16 he graduated from the conservatory and at the age of 22 became director of the Uruguayan National Opera. A few years later, his talent for painting came to light unexpectedly when he finished a setting for a painter who worked in the Opera. Some of the murals that Juan painted in Tel Aviv are historically preserved for their uniqueness and beauty.


Juan said he could never use his musical and drawing talent at the same time. Before he came to the Ebenezer Home, he played the organ of the Emmanuel Church in Tel Aviv for about 30 years. When he became one of our residents in 2017, he started painting again without missing a day. Juan is very productive in his creativity and has his own style. Since he is limited today because of his disability, he usually draws in pencil and concentrates on faces that he paints on large sheets of paper and that allow him to draw large lines.

If you are interested in Juans art, you are welcome to contact us.