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Sophia Goldberg

was born in 1934 in the Soviet Union

Sofia was born in 1934 in the city of Archangel in the northernmost part of the Soviet Union. When she was a child, the family moved to nearby Murmansk, also a port city. Sofia's father was a seaman.

At the beginning of World War II, for fear of a German invasion via Finland, the authorities wanted to take all children out of Murmansk and move them to St. Petersburg. Sofia's mother could not countenance her children being evacuated and went to the Ministry of Interior to ask for permission to move to Archangel. The mother and her three children were permitted to move to a place near Archangel, where they lived with an old lady. The children also went to school there.

Sofia's mother acquired a plot of land, on which she grew vegetables, raised sheep, and also collected hay for the army. Her father remained in Murmansk but was reunited with them after the war.

When Sofia was twelve or thirteen, her mother suffered from a heart disease. In their neighborhood lived some elderly ladies who attended a church. They told about their faith, despite the fact that in those days it was forbidden to believe in God. However, Sofia prayed in the evenings for her mother. The mother did not own a Bible, but she wrote prayers down on paper. In retrospect, she can see that in those days she had the beginnings of faith that would later deepen.

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After growing up, Sofia studied and began to work. She married in 1955 and two children were born to her and her husband, who ran a shop in Murmansk. Sofia relates that she had no trouble as a Jewish person in Murmansk.

Her daughter, Victoria, later came to faith and immigrated to Israel. Victoria's children flourished, became believers, and married. Some ten years ago, when her husband died, Sofia also joined them in Israel. She lived for some time in one of the external flats run by The Ebenezer Home before coming into the Home as a full resident in 2013.

Sofia has appreciated the warm, open, atmosphere of the Home. Victoria has observed that The Ebenezer Home has brought a lot of changes to the life of her mother. Her faith has become deeper. It has also matured due to fellowship with many believing friends in the Home. Sofia has drawn closer to God.

From the Uttermost arts of the North

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