Wonderful Things in Our Craft Room

June 5, 2016

Our handwork activity coordinator Heather with the most faithful craft room attendee Tsnua, our embroidery queen.


Most of our residents have various skills and like to work with their hands. Our large craft room welcomes them three times a week to work on various projects. The room has several spacial tables where residents can conveniently work on many projects at the same time. Women crochet, knit, embroider, quilt, sew and felt - and that's not an exhaustive list.  Men come to weave baskets, trays, decorative bottle covers and many other things.


One of our residents, who only recently started doing handwork, is now weaving table mats from T-shirt yarn with the help of our volunteer, Dawn from Singapore. Even though they don't understand each other's language, they can easily communicate through handwork. 


Some three weeks ago someone new came to start basket weaving in our craft room: his name is Arminak Panoyan. He is recovering from a stroke that he suffered several months earlier and lives in Haifa. Though not a resident, his family are old friends of the Home. He's been coming regularly to work with Betty, our manager's mother, who worked as a manager of a club for the blind for many years, teaching them how to do wickerwork, before joining our craft room.


Our handwork activity coordinator, Heather, says that doing handwork helps bring the residents together, lifts their mood and facilitates recovery from even serious problems. A few of our residents, who are very frail, are brought to the craft room to sit around the table and watch others work even if they can't do much by themselves. This motivates them to engage in their own work little by little.


Craft room is one of the favorite places for visitors to the Home. Rarely anyone comes out after the tour of the room without buying one thing or the other. The choice is often too wide to get just one or two things!


Once a year the Home does a fair, where things made by the residents are sold and money from the sales is donated to the Home. Some residents do other things for the fair - like jams and baked goods, and sometimes cakes and coffee & tea are available. The day of the fair is certainly very busy and enjoyable for everyone. Scroll down to see pictures below in the second gallery.


Heather makes sure the craft room is well stoked with every needed material and tool for handwork. She is always on the lookout for new activities that the residents can do. This is such an important part of the Home's life! Wonderful things in the craft room!!