Saying Farewell to Beloved Physician

June 27, 2016

 Saying goodbye and welcome: Dr. Brian (Baruch) Pokroy

and Dr. Faith (Hanna) Goldberg


At the end of June we are saying farewell to Dr. Brian Pokroy, who is retiring after 40 years of faithful work with our Home.


He has been with the Home from the very beginning and knows all of our residents, present and past. To describe what he's been doing at the Home as "work" would be so inadequate, for he has been much more than just fellow co-worker and much more than a doctor.


At a special lunch to say goodbye to Dr. Pokroy, knowing that he does not like people to speak about him, our manager, Johnny, spoke about the beloved physician of the Scripture and emphasized that like Luke, our beloved doctor was always there to care, support and pray. Even when not attending to any of his patients, we knew that our doctor was always praying for them and that the residents could come to him with anything, not only health issues. During all the 40 years of his work Dr. Pokroy has poured his heart into the Home and people who live and work in it. He is a model of God's servant who was placed by Him into the Home. It's impossible to describe what he means to all of us.


There was no dry eye as we said farewell to our beloved physician. He responded by saying that he will be visiting the Home as a friend in the future. At the same time we also welcomed a new doctor into the Home: Dr. Faith Goldberg. Introducing her to our residents and staff, Johnny said she would not need to fill anyone's big shoes. Just as the Lord brought Dr. Pokroy to us in His time, so now He has brought Dr. Goldberg to perfectly fit in. God knows exactly what and who we need, and He supplies. Dr. Goldberg has a calling to serve the elderly and has recently completed a course in Geriatric Medicine. We welcome her with all our hearts!


You can read more about this in our first bi-annual newsletter for 2016, available on the website.


You can also read Dr. Pokroy's testimony on our book, published for our 40th anniversary.

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