Two Mothers

January 15, 2017


Something happens to everyone who comes to work at Ebenezer Home. And something happens when someone has to leave. Every testimony we've heard so far from our workers has been that we have become a family to them, and our testimony is that they have become a family to us. It is always exiting to receive a new member into the family, and it is always hard when one has to go.


Last week we said official good-byes to Natalia, who had been our House Mother for over 20 years. We invited members of our local committee, Natalia's family and friends to say farewell at a special lunch.


Many tears were shed at the event. It's impossible to describe the feelings that everyone felt and expressed. Natalia has seen many residents and workers come and go during her years of work, she has formed strong connection with everyone who lives and works in the Home, and it was an emotional time of good-byes for her and everyone else.


Speaking at the event, Pastor Shmuel of Beit Eliahu congregation said that Natalia's qualities and sacrificial nature made her a wonderful house mother to everyone. Johnny, the Home's manager, emphasized the fact that even though our jobs may end, our service to the Lord never does - for all of us ultimately serve Him as we do our respective duties. Shoshana, Johnny's wife, presented Natalia with portraits of residents and workers printed on canvass, to remind her of her time in the Home.


Natalia responded by saying that we will all be in her heart and prayers and that she will never forget this big family where she spent so many years. There is a new way opening for her, and she is excited to see where the Lord would lead her.


Our new House Mother is Magda, who has been working in the Home for several years in the maintenance department and learning the duties of house mother from Natalia. She is a very capable and resourceful person, and our residents already know and love her. And so our Home transitioned easily from one mother to another.


As we wish Natalia all the best on her life's journey, she will also continue to be in our prayers and to remain part of our growing family and the legacy of the Home. We bless Magda in her new position of responsibility and pray for much grace and wisdom as she begins her own journey as the House Mother. We wish her many years of fruitful work and service to the Lord. We love both our House Mothers!




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