Best Friends Forever

March 9, 2017

 Beautiful smiles from best friends


A month ago the Home welcomed two new residents. One of them, Maggie, made her new home door-to-door with her best friend, Naomi, who has been living in Ebenezer Home for over two years. Their friendship spans for almost 40 years, and they've been close to each other all this time. Naomi is so happy to be close to her friend that she wanted to briefly share their story:


"Almost 40 years ago I met Maggie and her children for the first time in Haifa. She came from Africa with two sons and one daughter, and I came from Nazareth with two daughters and one son. We both came to Haifa without our husbands because of very similar family circumstances. We both lived in St. Luke's compound with just five minute walking distance between us.


Under the supervision of my brother, pastor Na'em Ateek (who was the pastor of St. Luke's then), we both started settling into a new hard family life with three children each. We went to church every week. Maggie was always very devoted to her Lord and Savior. She only wanted to do His will. She offered to be cleaning the church for a living and I started to teach the Bible at St. John's school. We became close friends - helping each other and praying for each other - a friendship that was to span over most of our lives.


There was a time when we had to put our children in a boarding school in Ramallah for several years. Time passed, our children grew up, finished their studies and got married. Some moved abroad to live and some stayed in Israel.


Maggie and I grew older and remained close friends, supporting each other even after our children left home. Maggie spent most of her time helping and caring for others.


Several years ago I felt the need to move into an elderly home, and over two years ago there was an opportunity for me to come to live at Ebenezer Home. Thanks to Johnny, the Home's Manager, who welcomed me with all his heart. Maggie came to visit often, both me and other residents - and more recently to take up rug weaving in our activity room.


Then a month ago Maggie was received into the Home as a resident. Incidentally, the room opposite mine was free and was given to her! Now we are living close again, just across the corridor from each other!


I thank the Lord Jesus for this Home for believers, where there is the love of Christ shown to each resident, no matter his or her background".





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