Enjoying at the Utopia Park

June 28, 2017


Our residents go on short trips at every opportunity that Israeli weather affords. But once a year there is an annual trip to one of the wonderful and interesting places in the Land, with rest, lunch and time to interact with each other.


This year our residents went to the Utopia orchid park, and even those who'd been there once or twice before were excited to go again.


The name "Utopia" was given to the park by its creator, who wanted a place out of this world, so to say, with thousands of orchids and other exotic plants growing in as close to their natural environment as possible. The park is laid out  with lots of shaded paths, gentle slopes (good for those who are in wheelchairs), mini-waterfalls and pavements of natural stones. Work on the park is always in process to make it even more beautiful and inviting.


We were greeted at the entrance by talking parrots. It only took them a few minutes to learn to mimic our voices. Some of our residents who love animals were very excited to interact with them and play with other animals in the park. The two highlights of the park are the musical fountain and a huge "cage" - a covered area where strict humidity and temperature are maintained for the orchids to flourish. We took a slow stroll around the 2-storey "cage", and many residents wanted their pictures taken on the background of beautiful flowers.


We watched the musical fountain from an observation deck built for the purpose, which also provides a gorgeous overall views of the park with its lush greenery. Then - a sumptuous lunch and dessert - everyone had more than enough and many even turned the dessert down!


Our residents loved the day out in the fresh air, in a beautiful environment and relaxed atmosphere. Where will they go next year? We don't know yet, but it is sure to be something as great as this place.



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