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March 28, 2018


Dear Friends of the Ebenezer Home,

Thank you all for your prayers during these past months. It is so encouraging to know that there are brothers and sisters standing behind us. Your letters and encouragement refresh and strengthen us over and over again.


With this update regarding the state of things, I have an urgent request for anyone reading these lines: PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON, because our need for a Nursing Ward is urgent! Each of you has relatives, friends, congregations, a contact

list, and many of you are on Facebook. Please take this opportunity to inform people about our project and to find willing participants who are ready to help us raise the total amount that we need for the Nursing Ward. For you it may only take a few minutes, but for us—and especially for those who are waiting/dependent on care—this would be a big help. You can contact me at any time and if I am traveling, I can also possibly schedule a visit to your church to give you a short explanation of the project. If it is on your heart, please contact me.


Honestly, in recent weeks we’ve been playing a sort of “ping-pong” with the authorities. Every time we change the plans according to their requirements, they find something new for us to change. No big changes, but they take time. We aren’t giving up. We have a goal, a vision that the LORD has placed on our hearts, and we will fulfill it with His help and for His glory! Those of you who deal with construction projects know that a project of this size goes through a lot of planning and change, but better now on paper than after stones and concrete have been laid.


The Passover holidays here in Israel is a time when we gratefully remember the Exodus from Egypt. Everyone has been working together to prepare for this festival, and we’re remembering what God did for His people Israel. The Israelites who were led out of Egypt hoped to come to the Promised Land. Many of our residents and others hope and wait for the coming Nursing Ward.


May our Heavenly Father bless your resolve to help us.


In His Service,

David Phillips, Project Manager


Ebenezer Home, Meir Rotenberg Str. 41,

PO Box 525, Haifa 3505509, ISRAEL

Email: tms1.dp@gmail.com

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