"It Was a Blessing"

July 30, 2018


What a wonderful surprise and testimony today as Hildur from Norway and her husband walked into the Home for a visit! After we went through the Home to see what's changed in the past 30 years, Hildur told her story.


30 years ago she came to Ebenezer Home to volunteer for a year. But two weeks later she broke her leg while trying to get into the dining room through a window. For the following two and a half months she stayed in one of the rooms of the Home so that medical personnel could closely supervise her till she'd be able to return to Norway. During those months several residents came to visit her regularly and shared their stories with her. One of them, Yoel, always came with a case full of postcards. On them were views of different places in Israel. He had a story to tell about each place - what it was and what events took place there.


Hildur said that Yoel's stories inspired her to study history and religion and to become a teacher is these subjects. She took a photo of that window that she tried to climb through years ago to show it to her children. She said: "Breaking that leg was a blessing for me. I learnt more in two and a half months than I would have in a year, had I not broken the leg. I always tell my pupils about Ebenezer Home. I think it's a very special place".


For us it's a blessing, too, to hear that someone in the Home had such a positive influence on Hildur's life, and God is able to use whatever happens in one's life for the good of that person and to His own Glory!



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