Thank You, Maasay Yahdav!

October 17, 2018


 Our residents have lots to do every day, but even then it's always nice to welcome old friends who came all the way from the USA to bless our Home!

   A group from Maasay Yahdav ministry visited us earlier in the month. It was fun to watch a short puppet show about importance of doing things together, and it was fun for the residents to make their own puppets from stuff that the group brought with them. You could see the inner child in them, working with all concentration, trying different eyes, noses and mouths to see what would come of it.

   It's amazing how simple group activities bring so much joy and laughter, as the residents looked at what others were doing and shared their finished work with each other. Some puppets came out with pretty wide smiles! Just like those on everybody's faces!

   Thank you, dear friends, and come visit us again next time!










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