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Financial Accounting

Abir has been working at Ebenezer since 2017 and she loves her job! Here in her office, she handles everything concerning finances, but there is so much more...

Abir explains, "The Ebenezer Home is unique because everyone here believes in Jesus: the residents, the management, the nurses, the nursing aides, the team in the kitchen, the cleaning staff, the cleaners, the team in the creativity room,... In short, Ebenezer is a place of faith. When I'm at Ebenezer, it feels like I'm at home... like I'm in a big family. And it's a home where a lot of prayers are lifted up before the Lord. Every problem is put into Gods hands."

Moreover, Abir's work in Ebenezer is a unique service to the residents. That's very special. She is commonly heard saying, "Toda la El (thank God) for this job! I'm very blessed!"

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