Head nurse

Kristin has been working in the Ebenezer Home for about 20 years now. As the head nurse, she is responsible for the nursing staff on the one hand, and is part of the management team on the other.

Kristin's job is about everything on the first floor (Ebenezer's nursing floor). This includes creating the duty plans, visiting with Dr. Faith the residents of the Home, and staying in touch with doctors and hospitals, which treat the residents. Furthermore, together with Dr. Faith, she organizes internal training courses for Ebenezer's nursing staff on various topics.

Kristin explains: "I love going to work. It is good to have enough staff so that we can work at this high standard. It is also nice to get good feedback from the residents. We have time to pray with and for them. Prayer is an important part of Ebenezer's daily life, it's the first thing we do as a team in the morning. Our faith in Jesus Christ unites workers and residents, which creates special relationships."



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