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Angham, Echlas & Therese

Our kitchen team

Our kitchen team is Angham as a cook (since 1995), Echlas as a cooking aid (since 2015) and Therese who cares for the dining room (since 1999). "Every day we cook a warm meal lunch for around 55 people." Therese adds: " I take care of the dining room, which holds nine tables for the residents and a long table for the employees. I'm responsible for getting breakfast ready on time, starting to work around 6 am" she adds, beaming with joy, “my porridge is very popular here. I don't know when it burned me last,” she laughs. "In addition, the tables must be clean and set in time, all salt and pepper shakers, serving containers with coffee tea and sugar must always be filled."

"We like to cook everything," says Echlas, "but preferably Shawarma." Angham says with a wink: "I prefer to do the dishes, so I don't have to take responsibility for the food."

Each of the three has their own story as to how they came to be apart of the Ebenezer team. Therese says: "I worked elsewhere before, but after I prayed, the Lord clearly led me here." Angham remembers: "My brother-in-law worked here at the time. He showed me the house - a place with many believers. It is also close to my home, so I didn't have a long commute when my children were little. It also gives me a good opportunity to support my husband in providing for the family.” Echlas says of herself: “A fellow brother in my church made contact with the home. He introduced me to the home and I really liked it straight away. ”

They all agree: “We like to work among the faithful here. The Ebenezer Home is a place where there is a lot of talk about the Bible.” You can often hear worship music playing from the kitchen. When asked what it was like to work as Arab Christians among Jewish believers, they answered: “We don't even think about it: We are all one in Christ, our Messiah. We are completely at peace about being here. We are very grateful for everything - the Lord is good. TODA LA EL! (Thank God!)"

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