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According to Rawda, the special thing here in Ebenezer Heim is love:


"You can see that people are believers. They radiate God's love, which makes it practically visible in everyday life. I love working here."




"Welcome to my little realm.", Rawda greets us warmly. Here in the basement, I wash the laundry that I have previously collected. Then it comes in the dryer or I hang it up, then it is ironed and finally I put it together and sort it so that every resident gets his things back. "Rawda has a total of three washing machines and a large dryer at their disposal around 25 loads of laundry a week, which can be put back in the cupboards in the end.

Rawda has enriched the Ebenezer Heim since January 1994. At the beginning she was employed as a representative in the kitchen, then she worked as an assistant cook and later as a cook for eleven years. Today she is mainly employed in the laundry. She loves to exchange a short word with the residents while collecting laundry. And explains: "This way I stay in contact with the residents and can participate in their lives."

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