David & Daniel

One of the special things about the Ebenezer has it's own kitchen, laundry and last but not least maintenance in the house. David, the maintenance manager, explains: "Often even other facilities are looking for advice from us, since they always rely on different, external experts and are therefore not familiar with the relevant standards and procedures. The effort pays off, because our independence is not only financially a significant advantage for the home. Everything can be - sorted according to priorities and individually adapted to the Home - done immediately or postponed. "

Daniel, co-responsible for maintenance, adds that this is also one of the good challenges: "We live and work in a very dynamic house with many different components and variable needs and thus an extremely wide range of tasks. Maintenance includes a variety of jobs: repairs and installation jobs, work and general security/safety of the house, we also take care of the equipment inspection, postal supply and delivery of urgent materials such as laboratory samples. Of course, this also includes the handling of many different materials such as wood, glass, fuels, electronics, electrical, compressed air, oxygen, ... it's a long list. Long story short, we are both responsible for the entire maintenance of the house, except for the elevator and parts of the LPG system. "


Daniel Phelps has been working in the Ebenezer Home since January 2018. With great passion, Daniel reports on the blessing and privilege of serving the people here.

The relationship with the residents remains equally important in all the different areas. He is available to them as a contact person right from the start. It is he who already helps in the beginning with moving into the Home and the room furnishings. Daniel tries very hard to respond to the wishes and preferences of the residents, so that after all it can become their home. However, he must always keep the standards and safety regulations in mind.

If something breaks or a picture has to be hung up, Daniel comes to serve and is welcomed warmly by the residents. They are very grateful if he involves them and explains what the repair looks like. It all makes it very personal.

Daniel prefers to deal with the little things of the residents, such as broken glasses, jewelry or when he can fix and save their favorite shoes again. He explains: "That means a lot to them and gives both of us joy." Daniel does not need to mention that these things are sometimes outside his area of ​​responsibility but a love deed to brothers and sisters.

Not to forget the gardening and preparations for feasts and events. And of course, one can always expect exceptional situations here. Ebenezer has to make sure that they can face emergency situations by all means and be prepared for all.

It happens quiet often that Daniel has to leave something he has just started, like working on the water system, because his skills are urgently needed elsewhere in the home. As a motto, Daniel then states: "You simply have to remain very flexible." At least one thing is for sure, this job will never become monotonous and you cannot know what the next day will bring…