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Occupational therapy

Heather works in the favorite room of many workers and residents of Ebenezer - in the creativity room. Here, the residents can do hand crafts, try it out, let their creativity run wild, and have fellowship.

Heather is always looking for new ideas for hand crafts, knitting, embroidering, weaving,... On the one hand, She employs the residents and on the other, she can see how they enjoy their work. Hand crafts also means a challenge, for example, when the residents realize that their vision is diminishing or their dexterity is no longer the same. In these moments, Heather wants to support them and encourage them to continue to tackle the difficulty and to stay. The will is the key.

This work is a special opportunity for her to serve the people, many of whom have invested their lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. Heather finds it a privilege to serve them, to make their lives a little easier, and to give them pleasure. In the creativity room they can be together, work with their hands, and share their joy. Many residents have no family in Israel, but here they can spend time together. It is one of the special things about Ebenezer, that, because of their faith, everyone can live together here. This creates a unique community.

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