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David's Background

David was born in the US, lived in Holland for a few years and has lived in Israel since 1976. He is fluent in four languages, which is a significant advantage for our elderly people, as well as for our whole project. He married his wonderful wife Esther in 1997. Together they have four children and a great love for the Ebenezer Home.

David studied mechanical engineering, education, and project management. He also holds several technical and regulatory licenses (for example, he is a qualified electrician, safety officer, and more) this and his army/police service experience are a valued help for the home.

How David came to Ebenezer...

After founding his own construction project business, in 2010 David was asked by the Home management, to oversee the "protective area" (bomb shelters) building project. After very satisfactory work, the Home management asked him to continue on, and to take over the maintenance management.

David, who already had a real love for Ebenezer and the residents, accepted the position in 2011. Immediately, he recognized the need of the Home for professional maintenance. First, he set up a new team, with whom he professionally overhauled the Home with, and still maintains it today.

...and his work there

Many of the Home's systems and devices are over 40 years old and pose an enormous challenge to maintain, but David's experience pays off. In the meantime, he and his team have been dealing with a number of problems, including the heating, electricity, nurse call system, sewer and water pipes, surveillance cameras, and air conditioning ... and no external contractor was needed for all of this!

 As his working motto, he says,

"We must work professionally and in accordance with official standards and regulations."

Project Manager

Now David, as a project manager, has once again, wholeheartedly embraced Ebenezer's entire project, which is inevitably needed. In the meantime, he has spent many hours of planning, drawing and calculating, and there is still a whole mountain ahead of him. Nevertheless, he does his job day after day, full of joy and passion. He serves and works with a love for the home, the people, and the LORD, with his whole heart.

David once again confirms the origin of his achievement,

"All knowledge and wisdom come from the Lord alone, and without Him it is impossible."

For further questions you can contact him at any time.

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