Social worker

Ilana has been the social worker in the Ebenezer Home since 2017. Communication is the key in her work.

From the very beginning, she is involved in the admission process of a new resident by visiting the new resident in their previous home with a team. In the Ebenezer Home itself she visits each resident once a month, gives him/her part of her time and listens. During this time she gives them the stage. One of the challenges is sometimes not just to just fill the silence with her own words, but to endure it. In so doing, she gives residents who find it difficult to talk, space to open up. It offers the residents a safe place to talk about difficult topics. This work is particularly challenging if, for example, a resident speaks only Russian. There are also people who can no longer communicate verbally. In these cases, the relationship with family members is all the more important. Since some residents have been living in the Ebenezer Home for a long time, these conditions are partly characterized by years of cooperation. This creates an important basis of trust and great gratitude on the part of the families towards her and the other employees.


For Ilana, as a social worker in a retirement home, dying, saying goodbye and grief is an important and challenging part of her work. It is a sensitive issue that everyone deals with differently, because every death and every grief is different. Since Ilana has an open ear for residents, children, grandchildren, relatives and acquaintances of the person concerned, it makes this process easier for many.


Ilana also works closely with Dr. Faith. For example, when it comes to a living will. The most important thing is to generally respect the wishes of each individual, which is why it has to be talked about and than everything has to be written down. Clarifying legal questions and submitting applications, also fall within her area of ​​responsibility. Ilana also represents the social department in the Home and is therefore also responsible for internal training.


She loves her relationships with the residents, employees and volunteers the most. Ilana explains: "Everyone has the goal of living according to God's principles and serving Him. The environment in the Ebenezer Home is for me, a living community of believers in which I also want to be a light, because we are all dependent on each other. I have the feeling of being able to grow in my role here because people trust me. I am supported and encouraged. The work is a privilege for me and that gives me joy and satisfaction. "