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 Volunteers have always been part of the Home. Throughout the years of our existence we have enjoyed our wonderful volunteers so much! They faithfully helped in the kitchen, maintenance work and with the residents. We appreciate  the heart of servitude and sacrifice that many people from different countries have who come to Israel to serve the elderly in the Home. Every part of the volunteers' work is equally important and valuable!


However, we find that some of the volunteers do not take their obligation to the Home seriously and make sudden changes in plans once here because of personal preferences, etc. Due to various procedures that have to be undertaken with the Ministry of Interior for each volunteer (to do with visas etc.), it is extremely difficult for us to make those immediate changes if a volunteer changes his plans on a short notice. In addition, if one volunteer makes sudden changes in plans, this can cause a situation where we do not have a sufficient number of volunteers. Therefore, we bid you to take this application seriously and prayerfully, and to make a commitment to the length of time you stated.


Ebenezer Home will gladly accept volunteers from around the world. Please note though that because of difficulties and restrictions imposed on us by the Ministry of Interior, it is hardly likely for us to be able to receive a volunteers' visa for volunteers from Africa and Eastern Europe. The reason is that the State of Israel has experienced that in general people coming from these areas overstay their visa and work illegally, which works against sincere Christian volunteers as well. If you do come from these areas, please understand the difficulty and note that though we would gladly accept you, some things are beyond our control. Perhaps the Lord will lead you to help in another place which He has chosen for you.

And lastly, please consider that Ebenezer Home has opportunity to receive only a few volunteers at one given period of time. Some volunteers might have to wait a few months or more before we have a vacancy. Applying in advance will help us to better make our plans.

Thank you!

   Application Procedure

If you want to apply as a volunteer to Ebenezer Home, the first stage is to fill the volunteer application form and the visa application form:




The completed forms should be emailed to us at: info@ebenezer.co.il together with your pastor's recommendation and a scanned copy of your passport page.

If your application is approved, we'll get in touch with you and ask you to provide all other relevant documents, as described in "Stage II" on the volunteer application form.

  1. Please also make sure to fill out all the details in both forms precisely and in clear handwriting, following all the instructions.

  2. It is recommended to contact the organization representing the Ebenezer Home in your home country and apply through that organization. You will find the list of supporting organizations on our Contacts and Links page. If you are unable to do so, please send your application to us by email mail first.

  3. The minimum required volunteering period is 6 months (especially for new volunteers). The Home applies for the visa that can be extended up to 2 years.

  4. The management will consider your application according to the regulations of the Ebenezer Home and send you an answer by e-mail.

  5. Once we have approved your application, we will apply for a volunteer's visa for you with the form that you filled. Please note that we depend on the Ministry of Interior for this visa; without it you will not be able to volunteer with us. If approved, the visa confirmation will be sent to the closest consulate in your country. When you arrive in Israel, you might only receive a visa for 1 month or more. During this period, Ebenezer Home takes care of extending your visa for the required period.

  6. You must make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after your visa expires. For example: if you have a visa to stay in Israel until February 1st 2016, your passport must be valid at least until August 1st 2016.

  7. When you enter the country on the Volunteer's Visa, you will be under the ultimate responsibility of the Ebenezer Home, and must comply with the rules of the Home. If you are unable to comply with these rules we are sorry, but we won't be able to accept you. When you leave the Ebenezer Home we are required by law to notify the Ministry of Interior, even if your volunteer visa is still valid!



All volunteers must take Health/Travel Insurance before arriving in Israel.

It may be possible to obtain information from a travel agency or a mission society regarding a special health insurance. The Ebenezer Home is covered for any work related accidents.


  • Female volunteers live in a flat in the same building as the manager's family, near the Ebenezer Home. The flat has a living room, kitchen, bathroom and large bedrooms. Sometimes there may be a need to share a bedroom with another volunteer.

  • Male volunteers are housed in a single or double room flat (depending on vacant space).


  Rules of the Ebenezer Home & Volunteers'     Flat  

  1. The Home requests that the volunteers, on arrival, sign a 'Work Agreement' and a 'Pledge of Silence'.

  2. The local religions, cultures and feelings should be respected in clothing & behaviour. The volunteers are requested not to date or start any kind of relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend during the time of the work agreement with the Ebenezer Home.

  3. The Ebenezer Home and volunteers' flat are a non-smoking area.

  4. Visitors to the volunteers' flat are welcome on the following basis:

    • Other volunteers' privacy should be considered and all should be informed ahead of time regarding the visit.

    • Overnight guests are allowed for up to 2 days, and this only with the manager's permission, and if a place is available.

    • Male guests can visit the females' flat only as an exception and during reasonable hours. Prior permission of the manager is necessary. The same applies to a visit of female guests in male volunteers' flat.

    • Dating and any romantic relationship between volunteers or between volunteers and others is strictly forbidden during the volunteering period!

  5. Drinking alcohol and the use of drugs are strictly forbidden!

  6. It is strictly forbidden to keep animals in the flat or on the premises of Ebenezer Home.

  7. Volunteers must respect one another's needs and privacy, quietness at reasonable hours and to keep the flat and the staircase clean and tidy.

Note: If a problem arises in the above mentioned matters, and if deemed necessary, the manager reserves the right to terminate the volunteer's stay.

*** Volunteers will be requested to sign a declaration stating they understand and accept the rules.

What we provide:

The Home provides the volunteers with the following:

  • Lodging (accommodation).

  • Food: 3 meals a day. Please note, the food is not rabbinically kosher.

  • Bed linens and towels, soap, sanitary napkins, shampoo and toothpaste.

  • Work uniforms (not including shoes). Volunteer nurses may bring their own uniforms.

  • Subsistence allowance  of approximately 400 Shekels per month.

  • Communication: we have a computer for the use of the volunteers. If you have a laptop with WIFI (wireless communication) enabled, you can connect through wireless internet in the Home or in the girl's volunteer flat (not provided for in the other volunteers' flats).

  • The Home is close to two local congregations which you may attend in your free time. There are other congregations in Haifa which you can attend (information will be given if needed).

  • Twice a month the volunteers have a Bible study with the manager, Johnny.

  • A periodic volunteers' trip that is arranged and paid for by the Home.



  • Work is about 40 hours per week, including evening and night shifts. There are three main work areas:

    • Kitchen Work

    • Nurse Aide (feeding, dressing, washing etc.)

    • General Maintenance

  • Special projects, such as preparations for feasts and gardening may be included in the work schedule.

  • Male volunteers may assist in maintenance, but should be willing to take on the regular work responsibilities of the volunteers.

  • Volunteer nurses (Nurse Aides) work with the nursing staff. Note for Registered Nurses: according to Israeli law, you cannot receive professional responsibility as a volunteer.

  • Plans for holiday and travelling should be discussed shortly after arrival with the head nurse and the housekeeper so that they can fit into the work schedule.

  • Certain times of the year are more comfortable to travel, so this also needs be taken into consideration. Travelling abroad should be planned and in agreement with the manager.

  • There are opportunities in the Home to use one's talents, so please bring your musical instruments. Experience in crafts can also be very helpful.

  • The volunteers are expected to help with preparations for the feasts and to participate in the celebrations (favourite cake and/or cookie recipes are welcome).

  • Sabbath and Feasts: the volunteers are expected to work on Sabbath and Feasts as usual. If there are special preferences, we will try to take them into consideration, but we cannot guarantee.


Travelling to Haifa from the Ben-Gurion Airport

  1. The Home's address is: Me'ir Rutberg 41, Haifa (in the German Colony).

  2. The easiest way to get from Ben-Gurion to Haifa is by train. You need to get off at Haifa Merkaz-Hashmona train station in Haifa. From there ask for a taxi to Ebenezer Home (or Beit Ebenezer). It only takes a few minutes to get here and should not cost more than 20-25 NIS.

  3. The second option is to ask at the airport for the shuttles (called also 'Sherut') to Haifa. Take a shuttle taxi from the airport to the volunteers' flat, which is at HaGanim 44 st. in Haifa (or Ebenezer Home's address if so requested). It costs approximately NIS 120 which is ~ $35. You may have to wait until more passengers come to fill up the shuttle. In case the driver wants to leave before the shuttle is full, the passengers may agree to pay a little more.

  4. You can also take the bus from the airport to the 'Egged' bus station in Haifa ('Egged' is Israel's main bus company). From there you need to take a taxi to the volunteers' flat on HaGanim 44 st. (or to Ebenezer Home at Meir st. 41 if so requested). Busses stop running on Friday afternoon until Saturday evening.

  5. A special taxi (commonly called just "Special") is the last option but this is rather expensive (a few hundred shekels). If you choose this option, it's important to agree on the price and currency in advance. Please notify the driver ahead of time that you need a receipt, though he may give it to you only when you arrive at your destination. If you suspect you were charged more than the normal fare, write down the number of the taxi.

Important: In any case, please ask for a receipt and keep it.


For any other questions, please contact us by email, phone or fax.

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