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Accommodation and supply

What you can expect from us

Every day you have the opportunity to join the three meals in the Ebenezer Home. (Please note that the food is not rabbinically kosher.) In addition, basic food for the volunteer apartment, is provided on a weekly basis.

We supply: bed linen, towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, cleaning utensils, and similar items.

Every month, you receive pocket money consisting of 400 shekels.

We have Wi-Fi in the volunteer's apartment, as well as in the Ebenezer Home, which you are welcome to use.

Every 6 months, there is a one-day trip for all volunteers, which is organized and paid for by the Ebenezer Home.

About twice a month, there is the possibility of a Bible study for all the volunteers, with the manager Johnny, and his wife, Shoshana.

Two congregations are located near the Ebenezer Home. You are always welcome there! For more information about congregations or communities in Israel, feel free to contact us.

For female volunteers, we provide a shared apartment in the same building as the manager's family, which is located near the Ebenezer Home (within a 5-minute walk). The apartment has a living room, a kitchen, one and a half baths, and several bedrooms. You may be required to share a room with another volunteer. Male volunteers are accommodated in a single or double room apartment (depending on available space).

Your postal address

while volunteering with us, is that of Ebenezer Home:

Ebenezer Home

(your name)

Meir (Rutberg) Street 41

P.O. Box 525

305550 Haifa, Israel

What we will expect from you

All volunteers are requested to sign a statement confirming that they understand, and accept, the following rules:

Local religions, cultures, and feelings should be respected in terms of dress and behavior.

Volunteers must respect each other's needs and privacy.

Rest at reasonable times, is required.

The apartment and the staircase must be kept clean and tidy.

Visitors to the volunteer apartment are welcome on the following basis:

The privacy of other volunteers needs to be considered and everyone should be informed in advance about the visit.


Volunteer guests, with the manager's permission, and accommodations being available, have the  possibility to stay in the volunteer apartment for up to 2 nights.

Male guests may only visit the female's apartment with the managers permission and only at appropriate times. The same applies for the female guests to the visit the male volunteer apartment.

Dating and romantic relationships are prohibited during the volunteer time.

The Ebenezer Home and the volunteer apartment are a non-smoking area.

Alcohol and drug abuse are strictly prohibited!

No animals are allowed in the volunteer apartment, the Ebenezer Home, or on the Ebenezer Home grounds.

Thank you very much!

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