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Application procedure

step by step


If you would like to apply to come volunteer with us, please fill out the following 'Volunteer application form' as well as the 'Application form for your visa'. Please fill in the forms accurately, carefully, and in a legible font!

Please then send the completed forms, along with a letter of recommendation from your pastor, and a scanned copy of your passport to:

We will then contact you, and if your application is accepted, we will need all the documents mentioned in 'Stage 2' (see 'Volunteer application form'). In order to shorten the process and procedure, it is advisable to retain all the needed forms, ahead of time.

Health Declaration

For your health declaration, please go to your doctor with a letter prepared by yourself (if possible, in English), and have them sign that you are healthy enough to become a volunteer.

Health / Travel Insurance

All volunteers must take out a health / travel insurance, before arriving in Israel. You can check with a travel agency, or a missionary company, about such insurances. You are financially responsible and must purchase this insurance, yourself. For work related accidents, the Ebenezer Home is insured for you.


Once we have approved your application, we will then apply for a volunteer visa for you, using the visa application form, which you filled out.  Please realize, we are dependent on the Ministry of Interior for this visa. Without their consent, we cannot allow you to come stay here. If approved, the visa confirmation will be sent to the nearest consulate in your country. When you arrive in Israel, you may initially receive a visa for a month or more. Do not worry, during this time the Ebenezer Home will take care of retaining the extension for you. We handle all expenses and everything concerning your visa.

When you are in Israel on a volunteer visa, the Ebenezer Home is responsible for you. For an example: You have to follow the rules of the home. If these rules are violated, we will not be able to have you continue to volunteer with us. If you leave the Ebenezer Home, we are legally obliged to notify the Ministry of the Interior, even if your volunteer visa is still valid!


You are responsible to make sure that your passport is still valid at least six months after the expiration of your visa! For example, if you have a visa to stay in Israel until February 1, 2022, your passport must be valid at least until August 1, 2022.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

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