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Important Instructions

for an unforgettable experience

We count on you

Unfortunately, we have experienced quite often, that volunteers, once on site, suddenly changed their plans. Due to the whole procedure that we need to go through, working with the Ministry of the Interior (for example, for your visa), such short-term changes to the plan, cost us a lot of time, effort, and is very inconvenient. Therefore, we ask you to please take this decision very serious, and with much prayer.


If you have decided on a certain period of time, we ask you to commit yourself personally, and fulfill your commitment. Sudden changes, apart from a lot of work, can also lead us to not having enough employees, as we count on you. You will always find an open ear for personal desires, individual needs, and problematic situations; we will do our best to find a good solution together.

Minimum Stay

In addition, a minimum stay of six months is set. This is especially true for new volunteers, and was determined by the constant change of staff, which can be very difficult for the residents.

Maximum Stay

Normally, it is possible to extend your stay while you are here. The maximum length of time that one can stay on for, is limited to two years, due to the visa limitations.

Applying in advance

Please keep in mind that we can only accept a certain number of volunteers, at any given time; you may have to wait a few months until we have an available spot for you. Applying in advance, helps us to plan better, and be able to accommodate you.

Africa & Eastern Europe

Ebenezer likes to pick volunteers from around the world. However, due to significant limitations, and difficulties imposed by the Ministry of the Interior, we have hardly had the opportunity to receive a volunteer visa for people from Africa and Eastern Europe. The reason for this is; that many people from these areas, exceed their visa and continue to work illegally, in Israel.

If you come from these areas, please contact us. Together we will try to make your stay here possible.

Thank you very much!

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