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The word "old" in the Scriptures relates both to age and to social status. Regretfully, in our society today not only the social status of the elderly is poor, but the word "old", or "elderly", itself has become insulting - even in the understanding of the elderly themselves!

Whether the quality of life is good (like that of King Solomon), or not so good, (like that of Jacob), everyone feels some kind of loss when they get to the old age. If there is no spiritual motivation to live, there may not be a will to do so.

In my eyes "old" is a beautiful word that has respect, value and standing in the Scriptures. We have no right to change those definitions. Our aspiration is to give value, from the Scriptural standpoint, to each new day that the Lord has given to our elderly brothers and sisters so that even today they would be able to testify about yesterday's blessings and look forward to tomorrow in hope - the living hope!

Johnny Khoury.





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