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Work and vacation


Upon your arrival, we ask you to sign a 'Work Agreement' and a 'Confidentiality Declaration'.

You will receive working clothes from us (shoes are not included! Sneakers / sports shoes are best). If available, you can also bring your own uniform.

The weekly working time is about 35 - 40 hours, with early, evening, and night shifts.


Please realize that no prior knowledge in any given area, is needed. We will train you in all that you will be required to do. In total, there are three main areas of work:

Nurses Aid

As a nurses' aid, you will be responsible for the basic physical care of the elderly in need. This usually entails the following; showering and washing, dressing, toileting, changing bed linens, eating, drinking, etc. You are also there to talk and pray with them, encourage them, and to do different activities with them.

Registered nurses, please be informed that under Israeli law, you will not be recognized as such in Israel, and you will work like any other volunteer. However, already trained nurses, or nurse assistants, will work primarily in the care sector of the Home.


In the kitchen, there are also different shifts. In the morning, you are either responsible for the dining room, or will work as a kitchen assistant. In the afternoon, you make tea carts, distribute cakes, and prepare and clean up after for dinner.


Also, there is the general maintenance of the building, helping with special projects, such as preparing for festivals, and garden preparations, which can be included in the weekly work schedule. Male volunteers can assist in the maintenance, but should be willing to take on the regular duties of the volunteers.

Festivals and Celebrations

For the festivals and celebrations, it is desirable that you help prepare for them and take part in each of them. In addition, favorite cake and biscuit recipes, as well as your musical instrument, are welcome! In addition, craftsmanship and creativity can be helpful. But it is best you do not worry too much, and just let yourself be surprised a little bit!

We look forward to meeting YOU and trying to give your talents and your skills space.


Plans for vacation and travel should be discussed as soon as possible, after your arrival, with the head-nurse and the housemother, so that they can plan well. Please keep in mind that traveling in Israel is more pleasant during certain seasons. Regarding this, you can always ask for advice. Traveling abroad must be consulted and planned, with the manager.


Every month, in addition to your 2 free weekly days off, you receive a holiday (i.e. one extra day off). Volunteers are expected to work on Shabbat and holidays. The Christian holidays, if you did not receive them off, will be returned with another day off. If there are special preferences, we will try to take them into consideration, but we can't guarantee anything.

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